About Barrie Brett

Barrie Brett is an Emmy Award-winning television producer/writer. She has produced a variety of projects – from commercials to features, magazine & talk shows, celebrity interviews, news and documentaries. As executive producer, she helped develop lifestyle programming for national syndication ranging from relationship and parenting to gardening, exercise, living better, design and cooking shows – including The Main Ingredient with Bobby Flay, Rebecca’s Garden, Way To Grow, Late Date With Sari and Living Better With Carrie Wiatt. A former teacher, she has also produced educational shows and videos as well as corporate programs, workshops and training tapes.

Barrie has an ongoing fascination with the ability of moments to transform lives.

A series of three events occurring in one week initially inspired the idea for this book. "After that, I became fascinated with stories involving pivotal, transforming moments. I wanted to see whether there was a pattern or reason for those “moments in time.” I recognized that sometimes by just being aware of these moments, you can help change your life forever. There are those who may become aware and acknowledge their moment (or multiple moments), and who may, depending upon the action they take, see their lives change in miraculous ways. For others, this process may take some time. But whichever category you fall into, remember that the process is your own."

You never know when one of these moments could become your Moment of Being!

I hope readers will share their reactions and their own stories with me! Thank you.

Barrie Brett