1. Teachers Do Make A Difference
  2. One Quest, One Telegram, One Report
  3. The Gift of Life
  4. Healing Choices
  5. Prayerful
  6. Loss and Inspiration
  7. Chances
  8. Accidents of Change
  9. Dreams Come True
  10. Helping Hands
  11. Art and Literature
  12. Moments of Meeting
  13. Moments of Being

Analysis of Moments

Moments R

  • Transforming
  • Pivotal
  • Life-Altering
  • Hopeful
  • Twist-of-Fate

Map Your Moment

  • Awareness
  • Acknowledgment
  • Action

Moments of Being
...finding your one moment in time

Moments of Being…finding your one moment in time is a collection of true stories revealing life-altering experiences, personal challenges and triumphs. Not a day goes by that I don’t hear about these ‘twist-of-fate’ moments, from friends, family members and co-workers; in restaurants, at the movies, while reading newspapers and magazines, or by a chance meeting on an elevator or subway. I believe if we pay attention to these moments, they can help shape who we are and who we might become.

It is my hope that you will read these stories and think about how you might have handled a similar moment, how you might recognize your own transforming moment- and as a result, see your life and perhaps your future change in an instant.

Moments of Being: Finds Its Voice
When I was young, the book that most affected my life was The Bridge of San Luis Rey by Thornton Wilder. I remember reading it over and over again. I asked myself; why were the main characters on the same bridge at the same time when it collapsed? Why did they all fall to their deaths? Who were these people, and why were they there at that one moment in time?

When I became a television producer, I was fascinated by the “back story.” When I interviewed my story subjects – whether celebrities, business leaders, everyday workers, men or women – I was curious. What was that something in their backgrounds that brought them to this point in their lives?

As I started researching and gathering stories for this book, I focused on each person’s transforming moment. What was it about these people that made them realize that their lives were changed in just that- a moment? I began to see a similar thread woven into each story.

Each person developed awareness, made an acknowledgment, or took action when his or her moment came. I began to think of this in terms of “A-A-A.” For each of the people I interviewed, there was an awareness that something happened to bring about change. Each of them had acknowledged that change was possible. And each of them took some kind of action to produce the change.

When you read these stories, I hope you will consider your own feelings about each moment, and how you would have reacted if faced with a similar situation. What would you do in that moment? In this book, I’ve included an interactive component so that you can put yourself in the story and assess how you might have handled each moment. I’m also including a “Map Your Moment” chart for you to practice recognizing your own past and potential Moments of Being.

Moments of Being: The Stars
I’m so grateful to each and every one of the amazing men and women who agreed to be interviewed by me and share their Moments of Being.

As an interviewer, I’ve had the privilege of meeting with celebrities, as well as men and women from across the country and from a variety of professions and circumstances. I love the process of researching story subjects and learning about their lives. I met in person with the people in this book whenever possible, or else conducted phone interviews with them. I have endeavored to keep each story true to the interview and to present each person’s story in his or her own voice. I am very grateful for everyone’s willingness to share personal thoughts and transformations with me – and now with you, the reader. I hope you find their stories as moving as I have.