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Workshops & Talks
Moments Do Count

Barrie Brett has several workshops and talks.

Moments Do Count Workshops
Moments of Being


Moments of Being…finding your one moment in time shares stories of people whose lives have been changed in just one moment. By taking a wrong turn one day, a life was changed as a successful music career began. After being told by the doctor that he might not live, one man started an exercise program of walking that not only changed his life but kept him healthy and helped him find gold on the streets of New York City. After finding and returning a wallet with several thousand dollars in it, one woman’s faith was restored and her long time desire to have a baby was fulfilled.

These are all stories that could happen to you.
The challenge is…

In this workshop, you’ll see how to identify your moment, so that when it does show up, you can make it count. What if you've already had a moment and let it pass you by? That means you just weren’t ready yet for the big change. Each moment you experience defines your life. Some are just more meaningful and can lead you on a path to a more complete future, a more fulfilled future, a happier you.

My research has led me to believe that three elements are involved in appreciating one’s moment. I call them the three “A’s” -

In this workshop, we’ll see how to use these tools.

Moments Do Count Workshops
Moments of Being

Corporations & Organizations

This workshop is for corporations and organizations. I believe this workshop can make a huge difference in the workplace and in helping to deal more professionally with co-workers, customers, clients and guests.

In this workshop, you’ll see how to identify your moment, so that when it does show up, you can make it count. I tell you this because I know that in your interactions with your clients/customers, much of your time is spent listening…if not, it probably would be useful to become aware of this skill and not let those moments pass you by.

Whether co-workers…management…even family members and friends, the principle remains the same…awareness…acknowledgment and action - do matter. And certainly, one moment can make a difference in any conversation or transaction - one moment …

I recently read an article that spoke about malpractice suits. The article went on to say that doctors who treated each moment with patients “with respect and listened and made the visit pleasant had fewer malpractice suits”…even if it turned out that they did indeed make a terrible medical mistake. The shared listening moments made all the difference, and resulted in fewer lawsuits.

How can your moments affect your business future and you?
In this Workshop, let’s talk about some of your moments…that worked out favorably for you or not! Let’s see how your Moments Do Count.